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Tina Stephenson has trained with some of the best in the industry - Daria Chuprys and Will Anthony - and would like to share these best practices and techniques with others wishing to pursue a career in cosmetic tattooing.


She has built her reputation on quality, professionalism and continued client care and support. Her professional studio is located on 17th ave SW, in the heart of Calgary, Alberta.


The course offerings will grant the most comprehensive and and up to date knowledge of microblading and lash line enhancement methods. You will learn the skills and techniques to produce:

Hyper realistic 3D Brows

Brow Shadowing & Shading

Ombre Brow

 Lash Line Enhancements (optional add on day)


The curriculum has been designed for beginners who want to start immediately upon completing the course.  


Tina Stephenson’s  hands on practical training, detailed manual, world class pigments and equipment will give you the leading edge within this popular and highly lucrative industry.

Currently there is no Government Accreditation for any cosmetic tattoo course within Canada or the USA.


However, you will receive a highly recognized Certificate for purchasing the best quality equipment and supplies available.

Now is the time to embark on your new and exciting career!


Infection control & Blood borne pathogens
Safety and sterilization

Skin Anatomy and Physiology
Tools and products used during the procedure
Needle configurations. how to determine the best choice for your clients skin type
Colour Theory & Pigments, customize colours for client undertones
Colour Manual
Pain Management. Different types of anaesthetics and there purpose.

Pre Procedure Preparation
Medical History Forms
identifying skin type

Brow Artistry / Brow design and Mapping
Multiple hair stroke patterns
Customizing hair strokes for clients
Photo grid use for easy symmetry
Best shape to suit clients facial structure
Trending techniques

Hands on support throughout the entire procedure with models
Alignment & pressure
Hand placement for proper 3 point stretch
identifying the sweet spot

Stages of wound healing
Preparing your client for the healing process
Different aftercare recommendations based on clients skin type
Answering  common questions that may be asked
Hands on support with Touch up tattoo

Portfolio photography
Lifetime Student Support


What you will receive!


The average eyebrow procedure is $500+.  Your professional  kit will allow you to do 20 procedures. That is a potential Revenue of $10,000. an investment that pays for itself.


15 Disposable hand tools  and needles

5 Shading Needles

4 Pigment Colours


30 Pigment Cups

30 Pigment Finger rings Sealed

30 Pigment colour washing wands

100 sterile gauze pads 

Tina Davies pro brow pencil

1 Tweezers

1 surgical Marker

1 Brow Caliper

30 Alcohol Swabs

1 artificial skin practice pad

Insurance Information


Client History Forms

Client After Care Forms

Client After Care ointments


Tina ensures that you don’t have to search far and wide for impeccable quality instruments and products. A full preferred supplier list will also be given to you at the end of your course





Online blood born pathogen course. (3 hours)


DAY 1, to be scheduled 2 weeks prior to full days

Learn a variety of hair stroke patterns

Homework - Practice drawings.

Read manual


DAY 2,

Theory (see course units above)

Work on practice skins, 3 point stretch techniques


DAY 3,

Shadow Tina for one full day with her own clients to witness new brow procedure and touch ups.


DAY 4,  

Student will do two models with Tina beside you the entire time.


DAY 5,  

One month post, One month after you will bring back one of your models to do your first touchup with Tina.

Note: Lash line enhancement is an optional add on day avalible to current students only.


Lifetime continued support well after training and into your developing career. 



Information On Marketing


Information On Licensing Requirements


Information On Insurance


Information and Contacts for Supplies


50% 0ff any procedure done by Tina

Microblading and powdering - $3400 
(Includes premium kit worth $500)


Student Testimonials

Jared Lalonde

Calgary, Alberta

I took Tina's professional microblading course in August 2017 and it was absolutely amazing. Tina has incredible attention to detail and her teaching methods are second to none. The class consisted of only two students which made the entire experience intimate and hands-on. There was little if any time wasted as we dove right in to theory, colour, technique and cross contamination prevention immediately. I couldn't imagine taking this course in an auditorium over 2 or 3 days with 30+ people and little instructor feedback as many aspiring students do, as there is too much to learn. Tina is an absolute sweetheart and a veteran of this industry. Her work speaks for itself.

Tikal Unger

Vancouver, Canada

I got my microblading certificate through Tina and I’m so glad I did. I looked into a ton of different options and have heard even more horror stories. Tina knows her stuff! Not only did I learn the basics but I actually learned a lot of advanced tips that are usually only talked about in master classes! She’s also continued to mentor me over the last year, which definitely makes the whole starting period way less stressful!

Eliza Michalska

I met Tina when I desperately needed a fix for my brows. She did an amazing job and a year later my brows still look amazing. That experience and Tina’s professionalism and experience made my decision for taking my Esthetics background and love for the Brows to the next level and I decided to take training with Tina for microblading. It was the best decision I have ever made! Her knowledge and guidance was the best I have ever seen. I also took PhiBrows training and I can’t express how much more I learned from Tina compared to other training academies. From color theory to different techniques and not to mention ongoing support is what makes her one of the best choices for your professional development. I highly recommend Tina for any permanent makeup needs and for one of the best in the world training.

Colette Waltman

Calgary, Alberta.

I have been following Tina for a long time on social media, firstly cause I loved her work and wanted to get my brow microbladed and later on because I was fascinated with microblading and all permanent makeup and wanted to take a course in microblading. I looked into a lot of courses that were offered asked a lot of questions and decided on Tina. I am so happy that I made this decision! Right away from my first email contact to the last day of the course I felt at ease with Tina and her style of teaching. Tina is so supportive and calmed my nerves about the whole process. Tina is so informative and is willing to share all of her knowledge. Her course is well laid out and covers so much information about microblading from starting off with drawings on paper, color theory and taking you right to the moment you are ready to do you first model. After the course is over she doesn't stop teaching she has been amazing with mentoring me along my journey! Tina truely wants you to be a success! If you are thinking about taking a microblading course and you are unsure where to go you won't be disappointment in Tina Stephenson microblading Training program.

Bailey Fray

Calgary, Alberta

I went through Tina for my permanent makeup training. Being a perfectionist, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time to really grasp technique and theory. I was amazed and very happy with how in depth her classes are, and how hands on it really is. I graduated her course feeling prepared to work solo, and completely backed by her. She has been, and continues to be, a great resource for me! Plus, she’s so much fun!

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