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Soft Smokey lash enhancement 💕

We all know the struggle.

You take the time every morning to  get that perfectly applied eyeliner only to find it has given us raccoon eyes half way through the day.

Now you can Enjoy eyes that are more defined, and wide-awake with fuller looking lashes all day everyday

Your safety and comfort is of utmost importance,  Tina takes the time to ensure that you fully understand every step of the procedure and you are as comfortable as possible with the use of top quality anaesthetics.

"I feel trust is a massive part of my job and it is so important to me that all my clients feel comfortable and 100% confident with what we are doing."


Healed Tightliner and Freshly feathered
This is a very natural eye enhancement. A fine line is implanted only within the lash roots  to create the illusion of thicker, darker lashes without looking lined. 
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Tina has trained with one of the leaders in the industry Will Anthony for his trademark smoky style lash line enhancement. this technique allows her to create a very soft look. It is slightly thicker than invis-liner but still mainly within the roots of the lashes. When you want to add a little more drama then go right ahead, it gives a great base to add to.

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A slightly thicker eyeliner includes lash enhancement and continues above the lash line, this is a true makeup look. There are a variety of options inluding smokey, hard lined, with a wedge or wing. 

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