PhiLings Eligibility   

Ideally you have to be a healthy candidate for this treatment.


This treatment is unsuitable if:


  • you are allergic to topical numbing cream that is Lidocaine or Benzocaine based

  • you have a phobia about needles

  • you expect no swelling, bleeding and bruising the next few days

  • you expect no pain from PhiLon. Microneedling is not generally painful

  • you are planning to wear makeup for the next few days

  • you have a fresh suntan. Wait 15 days after the tan subsides.

  • you are unable to stay out of the sun for 4 weeks (going on a sun holiday)

  • you have an important event coming up in the next 4 weeks (weddings and other social gatherings)

  • you on certain meds such as anticoagulants

  • you have an autoimmune condition

  • you have uncontrolled diabetes

  • you have a heart condition

  • you are prone to keloids or hyper / hypo pigmentation

  • the area that needs to be worked on has any kind of skin infections including fungal, viral and bacterial.

  • you have active acne